Siri of two voices

For a while now, Siri has had two voices on my devices.
There’s the predominant classic voice of Susan Bennett, which is American Voice 4, but there seems to be another variation that Siri uses sometimes. It doesn’t seem to be any of the other American voices.

Just curious. Anyone else?

Siri gets overtired and invokes FMLA occasionally to recuperate.


This isn’t the same, but we use the male brit version and there’s variation in tone when responding to the same commands. For example, sometimes it sounds like “The outside lights are off.” and sometimes it sounds like “The outside lights are’off!” And sometimes the “good morning” command gets a “done,” sometimes a “the scene is set,” and sometimes “good morning! the scene is set.”

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These are homepod minis fwiw

Are these variations coming from the same kind of invocations?

I ask because I know that if an app uses text to speech, the voice used changes depending on what language is detected. So, I speculate, if text in an app got marked as British English, the voice used might switch to that version voice.

I use this in an app to get student names read out in their native language.

I don’t have home pods but Amazon Echos. Alexa gives several different replies to the same command, seemingly at random. I’ve always thought the variety was to make it seem more human. Perhaps Siri is doing the same?

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Yes, these are the same answers with different voice characteristics.
Sometimes, it changes within the response - for instance when Siri says “oops, trying again” or whatever she says, the first part might be in Bennett’s voice, and the second in the slightly different voice.