Siri on HomePod Keeps Activating

Is anyone experiencing Siri frequently activating even though the “Hey Siri” invoke command is not issued? “She” activates at least once or twice an evening when we are watching a MLB game and “Hey Siri” is never spoken. Siri will sometimes activate when other programs are on as well.

Do you find Siri activating on the HomePod without the invoke command?

I don’t have that issue with either of my HomePods. Does it have the latest OS version installed? I believe two updates came out this year.

We were increasingly having that issue for awhile, but then it went away. We have several different voices in our house, and it seemed like tones similar in pitch to children’s voices were activating it. I’d like to think Hey Siri corrects over time when it never gets a meaningful follow-up to the false activations, but maybe it was just that we started locking Siri when we knew we wouldn’t be using it.

Thanks for the suggestion. The HomePods are set to automatically update. I checked them manually and the software is up to date.

I thought maybe Siri was a Cardinals fan. :slight_smile: