Siri Pro Mode. YouTuber’s name for AI hack. Is this dangerous?

Quick access to Chat Ghp??

This method seems like it might be a way to bypass Apple security.

Think it’s worth the risk?

I don’t see that. It just sends your query (“recipe for mac and cheese”) to the ai and displays the result. You must be aware, though, that the ai may give you a result that is not correct.


What risk? You’re creating a shortcut. That’s it. This has absolutely nothing to do with Siri.

Chat GPT is cool, but very similarly to Siri, it will still very confidently give you wrong answers.

In the case of the recipe, Siri lists a number of sites. It’s up to you to decide which one is reliable. Whereas GPT will pick a site, and give you whatever recipe is on it.

But GPT is not a cook. It doesn’t know if the recipe is correct. It’s just returning a single result as if it were the correct answer.

So it’s just a different set of tradeoffs. If you like it, go for it. :slight_smile:


Not if you are blind or physically disabled.


I’ve seen more interest in recorded and large print (large system text size in digital context) cooking resources, and Voice Control and dictation within Safari to find information. I’d venture it’s still true that it’s easier to do a web search for a lot of queries.

Using voice to message, too: dictating a text to someone you know to find or send you a recipe and replay the response repeatedly.

I am in the camp where I use digital because it makes things large print for me. I have to say, large print, physical books can be some of the most garbage editions ever.

And it actively makes me cranky that publishers don’t develop digital versions of everything they release.

That said, if I were significantly disabled and/or blind, the last thing I would want is an experimental AI giving me confidently-asserted information that even its creators warn may well not be correct. :grinning: