Siri reminders failing

Any hints for this weird one?

Recently, when I try to create a location-based reminder through Siri (on my iPhone), I intermittently get this error: “Sorry, I can only set messaging notifications for reminders in your iCloud account.” My default Reminders list is on my iCloud account.

It seems as though shorter, one-word reminders go through. So, “remind me backup when I get home” works, but “remind me to back up iMac when I get home” returns the error.

It has not returned that error when I ask it to remind me at work. Only at home.

Further, when I do create a one-word reminder and it works, the location it returns is not my home, but a random location in Bend, Oregon! (My home is in Delaware.) If I ask Siri, “What is my home address,” it returns precisely the right information. Is Siri capable of getting drunk!?!

Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks!


An update: the bug manifests on my iPad as well. But I figured out, sort of, the mystery “home” address. It was a location I had dropped a pin on 2 years ago and called it “Sunriver Home.” A rental we had for a few days. Never made it into a real contact.

I haven’t updated my Reminders yet (my MBP is not on Catalina, and won’t be for a while). Don’t know if that could be causing the bug.