Siri Shortcut - Enter a Calendar Event - Trying to subtract one day from entered value and always set Event at 18:00

Hi there MPU and Automator lovers

I am struggling with a little Calender Event problem in the Siri Shortcuts app.
The goal is to create two Events in Calendar - One at the specific time of the actual Event (a freediving event) and one calendar event the day before av 18:00 (6pm).

OK here we go.
First I capture the date of the actual event with the Ask for Input command. And then I create an Event with the Add new Event command. No problems so far.
But next thing to do is to enter a Calender Event the day before the actual “Event”. This should always be at 6pm (18:00). I have tried the Adjust Date command > new date by subtracting 24hours - but I want 18:00 the day before…
Any suggestions on how to create an event on the day before a specific event but at 18:00. Maybe this is an easy thing once one gets the head around it - but right now I have got a brain-block…

Best Regards
/Martin from Sweden

You should be able to do this by chaining a several Adjust Date actions. First, use adjust date to subtract 1 day. Second, use another adjust date action to “Get Start of Day”. Finally, use a third adjust date action to add 18 hours to get 18:00.

Here’s an example from one of my shortcuts:


Note that I’m setting the date to 5pm today in this example so I don’t have a “subtract 1 day” action in there.

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Here’s a different approach:

I just subtracted one day for the event time, used the variable to format it as just the date and wrote 18:00 after it.



You are the best. I’ll try it as soon as possible. Just wanted to check in to see if there were any answers waiting for me. And yes - there were.
Hugs from a happy guy.

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Great input
This will help me a lot and be fun to test.
I will use this in many many many Shortcuts :slight_smile:

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Works perfectly
Me a happy guy