Siri Shortcut for photos from Austin Mann

I received this email from Austin. I thought many in the forum will like this, I do.

From: Austin Mann
Subject: a Siri Shortcut for Photographers


have you ever experienced that moment where you are about to snap an amazing iPhone photo or in the middle of a killer time-lapse and it’s all interrupted by a FaceTime call from a friend or worse, a cold sales call??

When I’m shooting, I want my iPhone to be more like a camera than a phone so I made this Siri Shortcut (Shortcuts, new this year, automate repetitive tasks on iOS.)

Now I can just say the words “Shoot Mode” to Siri and my iPhone automagically completes these steps:

  1. Open Camera app
  2. Set to Do Not Disturb (until I leave)
  3. Set Brightness to 100% max.

This ensures I won’t be interrupted by a phone call while shooting a time-lapse, video or photo and also ensures my screen brightness is consistent when shooting (so I can trust it.)

You can download this shortcut I made for ya for free:

Click here to get the free Shoot Mode shortcut

Tweak it as much as you like and I’d encourage you to play around with Siri Shortcuts as they are fun and powerful!

Hope you enjoy and happy shooting -

  • Austin

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