Siri Shortcut Obisidan


I really need some help with creating a Siri Shortcut. I’ve tried a few times but haven’t succeeded, even with guidance from ChatGPT.

Here’s what I’m looking to do: I want a shortcut that automatically places files I share (using the share sheet) into my Obsidian folder at this path: /Documents/Vault/System/Files/. After placing the file, it should create a note in my Obsidian Inbox and embed the file within the note like this: [[FILE NAME]].

I also need a similar shortcut for scanning documents. It should scan a document, save it to the same Obsidian folder, and create a note with the scanned file embedded as [[FILENAME]].

If anyone can assist me with this, I’d be extremely grateful and am happy to show my appreciation through “buy me a coffee.”

Thank you so much!

ChatGPT is notorious for suggesting things that either do not work or include program features that do not exist. When I tried using it to create my own shortcut (I wanted to streamline how I used Apple Health on my iPhone) there was no action that matched either in name or function! It has been noted to do the same with perl recommending that use of non-existent modules.

I have found other LLM AI chatbots (Claude and Llama) to produce slightly better examples of code. Often prompt all three with the same question and aggregate the result.

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