Siri Shortcut: Podcast Clip

I put together this shortcut using Overcast and Drafts to save podcast clips. I use it in the same way I would highlight passages in books. Once a week or so, I sit down, listen to my clippings and jot down the ideas I wanted to save.



This is brilliant, please could you share?

Everything you need should be in the image in the original post.

L_Boz, I have duplicated the Shortcut that you show above. When I run the shortcut while playing a podcast on Overcast, I get an error message as follows: “URL Error. Draft not found for UUID”

If I change the Mode from Append to Create, the shortcut creates a URL in Drafts. But every time I run the shortcut it overwrites the URL - not good for “bookmarking” multiple passages within a podcast.

Would you shed some light on how you are using this shortcut? I think I am missing a step or three!



First, create a draft you want to put all your podcast clips into.
Then, click on the info icon at the top of that draft and then click UUID to copy it.
In Siri Shortcuts, paste the Draft UUID and select Append.
Hopefully that helps, I’ve attached some screenshots for your reference.

image image image

L_Boz, thanks so much for your response and the time you took to create include the screen caps. This is a really handy way to save podcast clips. Thanks so much for sharing!!