Siri shortcut to start DayOne transcribed audio

I would like the ability to use Siri to start an audio transcription to DayOne. If I go into Shortcuts, I can pick a default DayOne shortcut and then select the Record option and within that select Audio (transcribed). I then save it.

However, when I run it, after opening Dayone, I get an audio recording failed message.

It does work if I push the shortcut on my home screen. It doesn’t work if I invoke it through Siri.

Has anyone tried this shortcut or another way that works?

(I have just sent an email into DayOne support.)


The reason why I’m interested in this is that when I take a walk and have some things I want to get down into my journal, I want an easy way to do this. I could record into Drafts and then run an action to send it to DayOne but that adds a second step.

I’m all ears for a different solution.

The one negative(?) thing about doing it straight into DayOne is that it keeps the audio file. Assuming the transcription is good, I don’t feel the need to keep the audio file. On the other hand, if the transcription is not good, I do have the audio file as a reference.