Siri Shortcuts - add tags to PDF

I created a workflow for saving PDF’s to iCloud, but I can’t find a way to automatically add tags. Am I missing something, or doesn’t Siri Shortcuts provide a solution for adding tags?

Not yet. I worked up an elaborate system with an always on Mac running Hazel that would tag files based on a temporary file I’d create from Workflow, but in the end I barely used it, I can dig out details if you’re interested.

Thanks for the offer, but I recently sold my Mac and went all in on my iPad. So Hazel is not an option anymore.

I guess I just have to wait, until Siri Shortcuts will support labels .

I had asked for this in the workflow days and would love this

I too also have a hazel rule and also just add tags manually when needed from Scanbot then hazel acts on that Scanbot folder

If enough of us request this hopefully they add tag support

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