Siri Shortcuts/Apple Music on HomePod

Ok guys…please help me…I was tantalisingly close to Apple Music/HomePod/Siri Shortcut heaven!

All of the below assumes that I ONLY want to activate HomePod with my voice and not interact with my iPhone/MacBook…

Siri Shortcuts (and previously Workflow) allows you to build a fairly ‘smart’ playlist from your Apple Music library eg ‘Beatles songs last played before x date’.

This is fantastic news (I thought), as HomePod now works with Siri Shortcuts but previously could not play ‘smart’ playlists from your library. This meant you could not ask HomePod to play a smart playlist that say…avoids songs you have been listening to a lot recently etc etc.

But HomePod can only trigger your Siri Shortcut on the IOS device that created it, so when the wonderfully smart Siri Shortcut playlist begins…it plays from your phone!

You CAN then airplay your phone to HomePod…but that is not very Apple and not very MPU!

I’m not the only one who appears frustrated that Siri Shortcuts through HomePod is not independent from your IOS device, specifically this scenario…

ANY ideas/solutions???

Yeah, same here! I’ve set-up a morning routine which turns on a couple lights, starts coffe, speakers the weather from carrot and then plays music but it starts playing through the phone rather than HomePod. :pensive: