Siri Shortcuts for Outlook Calendar

Hi Gang,
after trawling the interweb I’ve now come to my last hope.

Due to work tech set up my work calendar on iOS is now locked to only allow interaction with Mail and Calendar via the Outlook iOS app.

My challenge is that I can not seem to find a way for Shortcuts to “create a calendar entry” in Outlook. Does anyone know of a way?

Thanks in advance

I am in the same boat. Unfortunately, there is no shortcuts support for creating calendar events in the Outlook app. They are pretty good about adding new features and already have basic shortcuts support for some things, so I would encourage you to submit a feature request to them.

Thank you for the reply, I’m reassured that I’m not missing something. I’ll follow your advise and raise the request

Make sure Outlook account into is in the ios calendar. Then create a shortcut that adds events to whichever calendar you wish.
Afterwards, the new event will automagically appear in Outlook.

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