Siri Shortcuts: Hopes and Dreams

As we wait for Siri Shortcuts, I’m curious to hear what Shortcuts folks are hoping to build by the time iOS 12 officially launches.

Adding to that, note if the shortcut you are hoping to build is something new or something you already have built in Workflow -or a combination of Workflow workflows you’re hoping to string together bonus points for a link(s) to those workflows.

I’m very excited about the possibilities of Shortcuts but am still trying to wrap my head around how I might use them.

For some time now, I have wished I could have a certain song/playlist start playing as soon as I arrived home; more so now with HomePod. I may build a Shortcut for leaving the house too, but a lot of that is already available to me via Home app automation.

Would love to use Siri to finally control my Nest cameras but who knows if they will implement shortcuts in the Nest app. Beyond this, I’m not sure how I will use the app.

Undoubtedly, your posts will prompt some great ideas to get me more excited about Siri Shortcuts possibilities.

I’m hopeful that we’ll be able to interact with spreadsheets (if not Sheets then at least Numbers). That’d be great.


I’d love a delay of a couple minutes after I wake up where Siri would read off the weather, any calendar events and any todo tasks for the day. I’d settle for having all this happen on a “Hey Siri, Good Morning!”


@RosemaryOrchard has created a workflow which pretty much does that, albeit without the Siri activation.

You can use Launcher:

Launcher in the iOS App Store

to send you a notification at a specific time overnight, so when you wake up all it takes is a tap of the notification to runnthe workflow. Hopefully this will be Siri activated once iOS 12 is fully live.


I use this workflow with a Siri shortcut, and it works perfectly, in the iOS 12 public beta

Good to know. I’m not running the beta so I’m still in the button tapping lifestyle :grin:

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I’d say that, if you feel a bit adventurous, you shouldn’t be too worried about upgrading to the public beta.
It’s really stable, and I’ve only encountered the “reverse cam makes Carplay crash” bug once.

Other than that, it’s better in every aspect IMHO than iOS 11.4 :slight_smile:

I get tempted…

CarPlay is not an issue as I don’t have it yet. I do, however, use a satnav and need it to be accurate and reliable every time and I hear stories of issues with it at the moment.

Still tempted!

Yeah, I’ve heard those rumors too, but haven’t experienced it myself, and I use Apple Maps on a daily basis :slightly_smiling_face:

Hmm, I’m that case getting even more tempted!

Everytime there is a new beta and it doesn’t include the Siri Shortcuts app, I die a little inside.


I know the feeling :roll_eyes:
My guess is that - unless it appears within the next two or three beta cycles - it’ll probably go live in a post-iOS 12.0 update like the Messages in the iCloud feature, leaving us stuck with the app for the time being

Temptation won… now running the iOS 12 beta :grin:

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I don’t know if it’s my vehicle (2017 Honda) or iOS but iOS 11 CarPlay doesn’t start up about 90% of the time if I connect before the bootup and reverse cam. I always wait until I’ve backed out of my drive-way and then plug in my phone.

Haven’t tried with iOS 12 yet as I’m not encouraged by how many apps I use on a regular basis have issues with it at this stage in the game.

Sounds like either your car or the head unit.

I’ve had Carplay working with the Pioneer SPH-DA120 since iOS 10, and Carplay always starts, after the boot sequence of the head unit, and then the reverse cam coming online and then dismissed, without a glitch, other than a few times during the iOS 11 beta test.

I would try updating the firmware of the head unit (if aftermarket head unit), and if that doesn’t resolve the issue, I’d swing by an authorized mechanic and have them diagnose the head unit / give info regarding any compatibility issues.

I have bad news for you, dev beta 3 just went live, no sign of Shortcuts in the release notes.

Now that the shortcut app is out in beta has anyone had a chance to use it?

I’m using it currently. It’s pretty similar to the current Workflow app with the added benefit of recording Siri shortcuts.