Siri Shortcuts - Siri’s Response

I’m working through the shortcuts field guide with great results and have created two commands to turn the flashlight on and off. I even set it up with voice commands.

I have a couple questions:

  • Is voice activation with “Hey Siri” the expected way to enable the shortcut vs just saying the command I’ve set up?

  • When I use voice activation Using “Hey Siri” and the shortcut enables, Siri responds to me by saying, “Okay, your Flashlight On shortcut has been enabled - or something like that. I just want the shortcut enabled without remarks from Siri. Is that possible?

Thanks in advance for the advice. Everyone here is so generous.

The reply Siri give me is “Running your shortcut…Done.”

Don’t know the answer to your shortcut question but I ust saw elsewhere that you don’t need a shortcut to turn the flashlight on or off. Just tell Siri to do it and he/she does it with short response - “It’s on” or “It’s off” At least he/she is not so long-winded. :laughing:

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If you push and hold the home button then Siri just shows a response on screen rather than speaking it. I’ve done something similar, set up specific voice commands for torch on/off. :slight_smile:

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