Siri silliness 15chars

Siri can be super frustrating sometimes…


Siri was first out of the gate, but stumbled. It doesn’t appear she’ll ever be a contender. :cry:

I’ll be the one to admit I don’t understand this. Were you trying to say something else?

Four hour paracetamol timer…

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Siri had a four year head start on Alexa and six years on the Google assistant and Apple failed to take advantage of it. I doubt Siri will ever be able to match the competition.

agreed, especially if Apple does not see the need to invest in this area.

The really annoying thing for me is during driving , I asked Siri to call someone (not via CarPlay, just through AirPod), Siri asked me to unlock my phone first. Same for adding a reminder but adding an item to shopping list seems to be fine by Siri (or vice versa, I cannot remember exactly)

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Right, and how do we do that using FaceID? At least with TouchID I could open my phone without taking my eyes off the road. Why can my Apple Watch unlock my Mac but not my iPhone?

Perhaps Apple is holding back features until they can release Siri+ for $10/month?

If this is a need you probably want one of those vent holders, either clip or magsafe. Then you can just glance over while you flick up on the bottom of the phone to safely unlock without looking down or holding your phone. The (right and proper) concern for safety while driving means you probably have your seat upright so you should be in range of Face ID unless it’s too sunny. Watch mask unlock will usually trigger if the light conditions make it hard for Face ID to see your whole face. It’s not perfect, but it essentially works.

I have one and I have to lean right around 45° for the phone to unlock. No way I’d try that maneuver while driving. I miss my iPhone 6S.

Ah, that’s frustrating. I hardly need to move and sometimes don’t at all. Very safe. Hopefully you’ll get a dual touch-and-face-unlock soon.

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I’ve seriously considered replacing my iPhone 11 with the new SE. I use my iphone almost exclusively for communications, navigation, audio, calendar, and to dos. I cannot remember the last time I watched a video and I’ve never played a game.

When I’m not driving I’m using my 11” iPP. If my iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods allowed me to work the way I’d like, I’d never take my phone out of my pocket.

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