Siri "Some things you can ask me:" no longer shows third party apps. Just me?

I have experienced a buggy “Some things you can ask me:” (reached by tapping the question mark on the siri screen) for quite some time now. (> 6 months). I often found that the list was missing an application I had enabled to work with siri or was populated by one I had uninstalled previously. Now, no third party apps show up at all.

This is consistent across my iOS devices and has persisted through multiple phones, iPads, restores… nuke and paves… playing Mozart with the phone buttons to perform a secret reboot etc etc.

Any insight would be helpful.

Do third party features not work anymore for you? Or just the “Some things you can ask me…” list?

Just the "Some things…” The actual execution works just fine.

I have noticed that my Siri suggestions are absolutely terrible. I thought that was normal. Well, it still might be.

Interesting. I’d never used that list before, but mine also only shows built in features now, too. And my Siri indexing is also in need of attention. So +1 for this problem…!

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