Siri tells me to unlock my iphone?

Every morning for the past year I would ask Siri for the weather and then how long it takes to get to work. Siri on my iphone would just answer from across the room. {I live in a small apartment so having the phone answer has been enough.)

Recently, Siri has told me to unlock my iphone for the time it takes to get to work. The weather is given just fine.

I’m guessing a recent update caused the change. I’ve checked settings and all the “allow siri” settings in every possible place are enabled.

I understand how this can be a security issue, but that it has been changed is irritating… It was nice to just walk into a room and ask Siri without it being a big deal.

Suggested fixes and work arounds?

Under Settings > Face ID & Passcode verify that Voice Dial is enabled, maybe even toggle it off-then-on if it is.) Similarly, make sure Siri is enabled in the section ALLOW ACCESS WHEN LOCKED, and if it is toggle it off-then-on again.

Thanks for the suggestion - all those features were enabled. I tried toggling. I tried toggling and resetting. I also tried disabling all the Siri suggestions, clearing the Siri data, resetting the phone, enabling all Siri related settings. No luck.

My commute partner continues to inform me it was part of the last update - I think she’s tired of me asking Siri how long it takes to get to work. ;0>

I’m irked when features disappear like that. This is among the things I wish could be granulated choices. This kind of change makes the phone less useful, especially for driving.

Thanks for taking the time to respond.