Siri Watch Face Advice

After the recent article on Mac Stories from Ryan on how he uses the Siri Watch Face, I’m wanting to give it another go.

Ryan’s Article

However, I’d like to get some advice on third party apps to use with it (UK based) and how best to use Apple app integrations on the watch face like HomeKit scenes or shortcuts. When I see the variety of cards appearing for Ryan in his article I’m wondering if this watch face only gets better with use and you have to ‘train’ it?

Even now, I have Fantastical, Good Task and Carrot Weather installed on my watch and none are showing up (checked data sources).

Any general Siri Watch Face advice would be appreciated :blush:

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I don’t have any advice but after reading the article you linked to, I think I’ll give the Siri face another try as well. :slight_smile:

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Best of luck with it! Certainly has the potential to be one of the watch’s best attributes

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I stumbled into loving the Siri watch face. Here’s the thread where I thought about giving up the Apple Watch but the Siri watch face made me enjoy and like the Apple Watch all over again.

I think the Apple Watch does 3 main things.

  1. It monitors you.
  2. It lets you input data
  3. It shows you data
    The question is…which do you want and/or need the most.

For me data input is super low mainly because either the app doesn’t work particularly well on the watch or it’s tough to use on the watch. What I want from my watch is to be able to look at it and see the data I need and the Siri watch face does this. I wish I could tell it to prioritize certain items over others but it often does a really good job on its own.

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I actually noticed a few weeks ago that the Siri Watch Face was starting to proactively bring up apps and tasks within the app relevant to that time of the week. I guess it just took its time in “learning”. I’ve used the watch face since day one on a Series 3