Siri watch face changes - watch OS 6

I don’t regularly use the Siri watch face, but I do switch to it every so often to see if it has improved with the 3-third party app cards. Just noticed today that the Siri watch face no longer has a section for “data sources”.

In the watch app on the phone, when the Siri face was selected you used to scroll down to turn on/off various apple and 3rd party apps. It appears to be missing in watch OS 6 - anyone else notice this? Has this customization been removed or moved to a new location in the app?

I use fantastical for my calendar and used to keep apple’s calendar turn off, but now i see all of my appointments twice on the Siri face. Major step back in my opinion if that customization is gone :frowning: . Maybe turning on/off notifications will help some

In the Watch app, Clock, you can set Siri Data Sources. Unfortunately you can no longer set it per Siri face which I used to do!


Thank you Rosemary! Not sure I would have ever found that - what an odd place to have that customization! I also used to try different data sources for multiple Siri faces…but at least there are still options