Siriously, Siri

I prefer a British male Siri, but lately my iPhone switches back to female American. Whyyyyy? Anyone figured out what triggers this? I thought iOS updates were to blame, but it happened again last night and I was already updated to 13.3.

I have no idea, but it’s been happening to me, too! Recently mine switched from British male to British female. Very annoying, but not as bad as macOS turning on automatic system updates!

I have fond memories of John Cleese his directions in my TomTom navigator.


Mine switched back to Norwegian female from British female… weird.

I switched mine from an American Female to Irish Female!
Everyone so often I switch it up a bit and every so often it switches back on its own.

I am on the latest OS as well, but finding that it’s more buggy in my opinion than 12 was.

I had to look up another way of restarting my phone, because the known method wasn’t working. Couldn’t use my phone or do anything with it for a while until I found an alternate way to restart.

All this year I’ve used the South African female voice for my iPhone and my two HomePods. No problems or changes, knock on wood.

There are so many South African accents in real life I wonder how the one they chose sounds to real South Africans. :slight_smile:

That goes 10x for American voices, given the huge variety of accents. It seems they aim for clarity, informativeness, and a tone that’s not imposing yet not subservient, and something that you wouldn’t be surprised to hear delivering radio news throughout the country. Different cultures seem to prefer different voices, which is why Britain’s main Siri voice is a male. The Aussie female voice started out younger and more chipper but they switched it (at least one time) and it’s now more matronly.

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