Sizing Apple Watch Strap

In anticipation of purchasing an Apple Watch soon (after 12 September 2023 announcement) I thought it best to size my wrist for the strap. Downloaded and printed out the PDF with the Apple sizing guide. Made sure it was at 100% scale; the appropriate for checking credit card size was okay.

The problem is that there is no size number close to my wrist size. Even at the tightest the arrows do not point to a number. The nearest number (12) is at least 3cms away!

Anyone else experienced this problem and if so what strap size did you go for? Although others might think different manufacturers devices are better I want something that will integrate into my Apple-only eco-system of Macs, iPhone and iPad as near seamlessly as possible. So not looking for Fitbit, Samsung, or others.

The strap for the Watch is the least-important Apple product for me – there are better (and cheaper) (and more durable) choices available elsewhere. Accurate fit, comfort and durability are more important than branding, IMO.


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I ordered both of my Apple Watches with the Niki Sport Band, but I’ve also tried a couple of Sport Loops. The fluoroelastomer bands are bullet proof and have always been a good fit for me. The sport loops can give you the best fit but need frequent washing if you are at all active. I’ve always switched back to the Sport Band in less than a year. IMO, none of Apple’s watch bands are worth their price. YMMV

@KVZ thanks for the suggestion. I had not considered after-market or off brand straps a possibility. It is simply the non-Apple devices that hold no interest for me.

@WayneG also thanks for the suggestion. I’m not sportingly active; my exercise regime is walking. During 2020 lockdowns I was doing around 10,000 steps/five miles/90 minutes a day. More recently I haven’t managed anywhere near that as I twisted my knee and needed physiotherapy and other medical interventions.

To be safe I am building back up to my lockdown pattern; resumed with a gentle 2,500steps/one mile/15minute walk to ease me in and now doing 4,500/2 mile/30 minutes both on flat terrain (namely the streets around my village) in a month or so plan to be resume close to the lockdown 10,000 steps and that over varied terrain of local woods and hills (the very route on which I damaged my knee). Obviosuly need to take more care with my footfall as I walk.

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IMO if you want to get back in shape fast, listen to your medical professionals. I got banged up a few times in my younger days and was sidelined longer because I didn’t always listen to mine.

Good luck

The Apple Milanese Loop strap might suit you. It is infinitely adjustable.

Oh I listen. My oncoogist was shocked that I had stopped my (lockdown) exercise regime and in no uncertain terms told me to resume my walks “even if it meant waering a raincoat”.

The physiotherapist I have been seeing for the twisted knee approved my get back into it plans. She suggested short-circuiting the plan a little by reducing the duration of each expansion phase (from two months to one).

Also the UK governments National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence put exercie and lifestytle changes as the first treatment option for type 2 Diabetes and Cholesterol. (Neither of which I have.) But it always amuses me that the abbreviation for this bunch is NIOE which reminds me of the nefarious organisation in C S Lewis’s novel That Hideous Strength.

Long story short. I take the recommendations of medics seriously — hence the walking — and prefer exercisediet/lifestyle changes to popping pills. But I am not seeking fast solutions rather permanent ones.

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I think a visit to the local Apple Store is called for and try some of these straps out. The store is only three miles away and where my Apple Store app continues to offer as my “delivery” post code!