Skedpal App Time Blocking Allocation Smart Calendar with Project/Task Intergration

I mentioned this software in another thread, but I think it deserves a topic by itself as it solves a specific problem that I am been searching for.

That problem is I use a task management app (2Do) and collaborative project management app (Trello) but have found Time Blocking (aka Pomodoro Technique) the most effective for Deep Work (BTW I highly recommend Cal Newport’s book “Deep Work” it is a life changer)

So I have been looking for an app that allows me to plan the week allocating time slots to various project Next Actions from 2DO/Trello as well as integrating my multiple calendars.

I tried to create a workflow dashboard in Notion but did not see an easy way to create a week’s view layout of the calendar only a month’s view.

I ran across this app Skedpal and it looks quite unique and so far fits the bill but I have just started using it yesterday. I was wondering has anyone else have any experience with this application or has anyone else have a recommendation for another application that will accomplish this same set of process requirements.

I like the way you can specify your most creative time and less attentive time and it takes this into account when allocating work time period allocations.