Slack iOS Video Calling

Hi All,

At work we have been trying to get people onboard with Slack. It’s much easier to navigate and teach than MS Teams, in my experience. However the nail in the coffin for it might be that it just doesn’t have video calling on iOS.

Three mornings each week we video call with one of the remote workers during the morning briefings. We used to use Skype for Business (previously Lync) and it was never a great piece of software, but it came with the Office 365.

SfB is now dead, having been replaced by Teams. Yet I felt that Slack would be easier to implement and teach with a remote workforce than Teams. Having most of the workforce using the instant messaging already, I was very disappointed to realised that mobile versions of Slack (iOS and Android) simply don’t do video calling. It’s baffling to me, in a mobile first world that a modern company’s mobile apps are restricted in this way!

Does anyone know why Slack doesn’t do video calling? Or perhaps whether it’s something they’re working on?

It seems my hopes for a simple all in one piece of communication software is dwindling! :cry:


Slack is a company that troubles me. I worry that they will need to change something dramatically, quickly, or get bought out. They’re growing but losing more money with each additional user, while competing with Microsoft. For a unicorn in a new market with similarly young competitors (think Uber vs Lyft) investors have been willing to let this go but Microsoft has come in hard, with superior Office-related integration, and Slack’s losses are increasing quickly.

For the first 6 months of the year Slack users have grown by over 60%, but the company lost $393 million (compared to a lost of $57m the same period a year ago). Free cash flow is the fuel that enables a company even losing money to continue (to pay their bills) but they have a negative cashflow of $42 million in the first half of this year (doubling the negative cash flow in that period in 2018). It’s not dire, but the direction and numbers are troubling. If I were managing a department or company that needed a Slack/Teams-style solution, I might consider Slack for the near-term but I would be wary about the long-term viability of the company and product as it is.