Slack notification text says only "New message" on Big Sur

Some, but not all, of my Slack notifications on MacOS Big Sur simply say “New message” instead of displaying a message preview. I’ve tried to find a cause in the layers of Slack and Mac notification preferences and possible customizations, but haven’t yet found one. Any ideas to share?

I may know the culprit.

Do you have the ‘Show previews’ for Slack notifications set to ‘never’?
If so, it will only show you “New message from <sender>” without message preview.

if you just re-set the notification preference, a neat way to test is to ask Slack bot to /remind for redundant stuff a minute from your current time.
e.g. in your personal channel, send message /remind me "lol" 02:54 if it is currently 02:53 for you.

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No joy for me (mine is set to “always”), but a great tip regardless.


Is “Include a preview of the message in each notification” in Slack preference also set as checked?

(found an even neater way to test notifications, just smash that “Show an Example” button :rofl:)

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I’ve used that test before! And yes, it’s checked…but oddly, it’s checked and greyed out (which has not always been the case). A clue, perhaps? :male_detective:t2:

I’m going to also start paying better attention to which notifications only have the “New message” text. It’s not all of them, and likely not even the majority.

definitely a progress. AFAIK, that option only greyed out when you set ‘Notify me about…’ as ‘Never’. When I test the ‘Never’ option, Slack still triggers proper notification if I smash the test button.

That’s all from me for now. Will follow-up when I’ve got other ideas. Hope you solve it sooner!