Sleep mode om MacBook Pro M1 Max

Hi, everyone.

I’m having an issue that is driving me crazy! My MacBook Pro simply doesn’t enter sleep and I can’t figure out why.

Here’s my setup:

  1. I usually have my laptop in clamshell mode during the day, connected to a Studio Display and I use a Magic Keyboard and Trackpad (both connected via Bluetooth, and sometimes via Lightning Cable to the Studio Display)
  2. I often bring my Laptop with me for work at some other part of my home during the evening

The thing simply won’t enter sleep mode, resulting in the machine running over night, either draining out the battery or heating up if I happen to put it in my bag.

Why is this a thing? What am I doing wrong? Is there some smart way to see why the thing didn’t enter slepp mode? What can I do to get to the bottom of this?

Do you have anything running in the background (and that stops the machine from sleeping — like backup?). Do you have display always on?

Not as far as I know, and the backup shouldn’t be always running. So I’m trying to figure out if there is some way to get some sort of log or overview over whether there is something running that stops the sleep from happening?