Sleep Trackers and Watch Wake-Ups

For a number of years now, I have been using Sleep Cycle. I never paid much attention to the measured sleep quality data, but the ability to have my watch vibrate to wake me up was great and I really enjoyed it. This week, the maker of the app removed the watch complication/app. According to their info page, “Due to increased restrictions within iOS on when you can and can’t launch phone apps from the Watch, we’ve found that Sleep Cycle on the watch combined with the patented microphone technique, needs to find new ways to work with the watch. If you were a user of the Watch app, we’re sorry for any inconvenience the removal might’ve caused you.”

I emailed the company to ask if this means it is temporarily gone, or gone forever. The response I received was “we are not sure.”

Anyway, suddenly I’m looking for a new watch app that will vibrate on my wrist in the mornings and allow me to snooze it a few times. Are there new or interesting apps that anybody here is using? There are many options on the App Store, but if anybody has a recommendation it might save some trial and error.

AutoSleep & AutoWake :+1: :+1: :+1:


Do these apps require each other, or can you just use one?

I’m really more interested in the alarm functionality than tracking sleep.

No, you can just buy AutoWake. Works fine for me, but: needs the companion-iPhone connected to the charger because all the calculations are done there = lot of battery usage.

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I also use AutoWake (and AutoSleep though as mentioned it’s optional for your requirements) and am very happy with it.


I use AutoSleep and the bedtime feature in the Clock App and it works well for me.

I also use AutoSleep, and pretty satisfied with it. I’m still trying to calibrate the app properly to give accurate readings of deep sleep and not accidentally track during the day.

I tried using AutoWake for a while, but I found it woke me up too early - it thought I was more awake than I actually was. However, I’d be keen to give it another try.

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And if you use the “Lights off” Siri-command directly (from AutoSleep) or in a “Good night”-shortcut you will get a more precise start for sleeptracking. Before i was “sleeping” but in reality i read a book. :wink: Wish for a “Lights on” command in AutoSleep, but it will recognise the breathing (app) in the morning to stop recording your sleep.

I use AutoSleep and Autowake and their latest version is much better (I used to get errors activating the alarm). Sometimes the times are bit off but for the most it’s great. Also shout out to @RosemaryOrchard for recommending this a while back on a podcast she was on, been using it ever since. Also for developers looking to help users know they have to accept apples requests for health data, these guys do it far better than anyone else I have ever seen.

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I picked up auto sleep and used it last night for the first time. It worked fine. One feature I miss is the variable snoozeaa a interval of my previous app…but otherwise it worked great. Thanks for the input.