Sleep tracking workflow

I have been working with a few doctors recently on sleep and energy related issues. One of the key areas I need to gather data is in a sleep journal. What workflows have you found helpful, not only for tracking overnight sleep, but daytime napping? This would need to include unplanned naps.

Do you have an Apple Watch? I am pretty happy with AutoSleep in conjunction with HeartWatch. I can export my sleep to a CSV or just quickly transcribe data manually to a log. As long as the watch is on, it’ll catch me sleeping. Each sleep time is broken out individually. The heart data in conjunction with the sleep data has been really helpful medically. I just use the native sleep scheduling to keep the display dimmed at night and charge at my desk sometime during the day.

I’d say my biggest complaint is that, while it writes to Apple Health, it doesn’t facilitate correlating other pieces of health data like physical activity and blood sugar.


Another AutoSleep user here. I also use Sleep++ just to compare the two. AutoSleep is good, but you do have to calibrate it, and it is still far from perfect, but it gives you a good idea of what happened during your sleep.

David Smith, the developer of Sleep++, says that the other sleep apps are all basically guessing and there is no way to know the levels of detail that apps like AutoSleep gives you. While I think it’s a fair point, AutoSleep does a pretty good job as far as I can tell. If I feel like I didn’t sleep well, I can usually open AutoSleep, and it usually confirms as much, through high heart rates, low blood oxygen, etc.

Sleep++ is never even remotely close on my go to sleep and wake times, but it is nice as a general, “How restless was I?” point of view.

All that said, I went to a sleep doctor and he told me not to use any of them, they are all garbage. (Which I don’t agree with.)


I do start/stop sleep-tracking manual on my watch. So i have the most accurate time for “in bed”. All breaks i see in the health app, where i can export the data via “HealthExport”-app to “analyze” them. AutoSleep does not work for me correctly.

I’m a Sleep++ user, too.

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Sleep++ on Apple Watch is a magical app. Automatic Sleep Tracking always track my sleep accurately. Even my 1 hour siesta! It felt scary at first.