Sleeve recommendation 14” M1 MBP

I am looking for a good sleeve for the 14” M1 MBP. I’m a big fan of Waterfield products. I have the sleeve below in my shopping cart.

Before I buy, however, I thought I would ask for other recommendations.

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I’m looking for something similar. I had a Macbook receive a dent in the corner in the overhead bin on a flight once (the bag it was in wasn’t sufficiently padded, it seems), so I’ve always used a sleeve that offers good corner/edge protection since then. I love the look of the Vero sleeve but I’m concerned that it leave two corners too exposed.

For that very reason I opted for this one in vertical orientation, in red and black.

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I was looking at that one too. I wonder if it fits into their Sutter Slim backpack. I was also checking out their new neoprene sleeves.

I have the same dash sleeve for my 12.9 iPad Pro and it is excellent. I also wanted a pocket for the charger. That way I can grab the sleeve and I have my MBP or iPad and the charger. This is great for working out of the office, taking notes at conferences, etc.

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I’ve had multiple (three) Tucano neoprene sleeves that I find perfect for the job of carrying laptops. So far used on 12" MacBook, and two different 13" MacBook Pros. The only downside is if you have cats DO NOT scold them for standing on your laptop by picking them up off it — claws can ‘unpick’ the weave. :rage:

Thanks for the recommendation. As to cats, my dog doesn’t like them so I’m in good shape. :joy:

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I’ve been very happy with this one. I have it in dark brown, a rich color. It’s sort of a raw leather, the scuffs are part of the appeal, but it fits well and is well made.

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I am a little late to this one, but having recently bought a 14" MacBook Pro M1 I was wondering if any other posters had thoughts on other sleeves - especially those with decent padding?

My 2014 13.3" has been very happy in an InCase sleeve for the past 7 years, but this doesn’t seem to be available any more. The 2021 M1 is actually almost identical in all dimensions to the older 13.3" ones (it is slightly larger than more recent models), so in theory any case designed for those should work - for example the InaTeck 13.3" version available on Amazon here in the UK.

But I’d love to hear more opinions/thoughts on different options. This M1 isn’t a cheap beast by any stretch of the imagination, so I’d like good protection!

I have the Waterfield Dash, red, vertical orientation. It is great!

I’d been using the InCase Icon sleeve for my Air and am disappointed to have to give it up. I really like the rubberized edge protection, something that I value quite a lot since the corner of a MacBook became dented in the overhead bin on a flight.