Slinging a Portable Office

Even though most people don’t leave there house as often as the used to, what we need to take when we leave is growing. Between masks, hand sanitizers and those hook things for opening doors, the pockets are getting overloaded. Does anyone here currently use, or are thinking of getting a sling bag? What are people using or considering getting?

Are you thinking of just personal items or including a laptop like a messenger bag? I use the REI Flash 18 pack whenever I’m traveling as my daypack. I love the size of it and would prefer to have a backpack. But this may be more space than you need.

I already have an LL Bean Tech backpack that I have used for years. I am think more on the personal items side. Room for a battery, cables, Leatherman. I don’t need to put my MacBook Air or my iPad Pro in it, but room for my Kindle would not be a bad thing.

It depends on where I am headed and how long. Lately it has been a Duluth Pack haversack. It holds my 11" iPad Pro w Magic Keyboard and its related cables, power supply & battery; My fuji Scansnap X100 scanner when needed; an A5 notepad and clipboard, field book, pens etc. I carry hand sanitizer in the bag (and in the console of the truck). This set up has replaced my larger bag and lap top arrangement.

My go to is usually my Patagonia Black Hole 25l rucksack. I tend to prefer a backpack to sling style bags, even if I’ve not go a lot with me - I never know if I’ll be stopping. I did have a Patagonia shoulder bag, but I can’t recall what it was now - worked with a kindle, as it used to be my daily commuting bag.

However, I recently picked up a Mountainsmith Lumbar pack (mainly for geocaching), but haven’t yet tried it in anger.