Slow Banktivity 8 iOS app

I’ve been using the new Banktivity 8 iOS app for a while. Although it seems like an improvement over the previous version (more functionality), I find the app to be quite slow.

Two examples of this behavior are opening the app or opening the budget section, which takes a longer time to load when compared to the previous version (Banktivity7).

Is anyone else having this problem? I’d love to support this company and subscribe to Banktivity 8, but this lagginess is a real let-down.

Mine’s working fine on Big Sur 11.0.1 and Banktivity 8.0.5.

It is not just the app which can cause slowdowns.

In any event, you could best be served by contacting Banktivity’s Support team. They are always responsive.

In Big Sur it’s running fine, it’s just the iOS and iPadOS that I find slow.

Oh. my bad. I have it but don’t use it very much. Again, let their support people know and comment.

Just tried it on my iPhone (all up to date) via WiFi didn’t notice any difference from what I recall. Entered the budget section and it came up pretty quickly. I was able to navigate around and it appeared good performance to me. I did not try a 4g connection.

As a user for 6 years, I have never found that to be the case. At least a week for any response and they have never been able to fix even the smallest bugs I have sent them. It’s still the best personal finance program on Mac, but it’s a low bar. (I also just switched to Excel because I feel their subscription model is way out of line for what they are offering.)

I have a similar opinion. I´ve been trying several budget apps for the last month or so, and Banktivity is still the best all-around app for my use case.

Their subscription is very expensive and hard to swallow for an European user as myself. The least expensive tier, that allows syncing and bank direct access is a whopping €55,9 charge per year. Since I only care for the sync service, I find it expensive.

Besides pricing, their iPhone and iPad apps are, in my opinion, slow, with a clunky UI and aesthetically unpleasant interface.