Slow charge thunderbolt 3 laptops

I have an abundance of Anker multi port chargers in the house(1 kitchen and 2 bedside) Has anyone used these to slow charge their laptops? I have a MacBook Pro 15 2018 and would prefer not to have to buy a bunch of 90$ power adapters. I use the laptop like a laptop at home. On the couch. On the kitchen table, dining room table, on my lap. I often close the lid and throw it under the couch and grab it when I want to use it again. I have an office but it’s fownstairs and my kids are glued to tv. I was thinking a cheaper slower solution would be to get a usb to tb3 and patch into the Anker wall chargers I have. I’m getting fantastic battery usage on the 5 cycles I’ve had so far.

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