Slow Guest Mode

It’s quite literally unusable. Even loading a basic webpage in Safari is unusable. My regular user account works just fine with no issues whatsoever. Is anybody able to help me?

Remove the guest account and add a new one, perhaps?

I tried that. It didn’t work though.

Might this problem have something to do with your regular user account having Admin privileges while the Guest account does not?

My everyday user account is not Admin and, as Apple has tightened security on the Mac, I find that I have to “fast user switch” to my Admin account to run a few apps that used to work fine but have become dog slow under my regular account. (However, Safari was not one of those apps.)

Is there still enough space on your drive?

And what happens if you restart the machine and just log into the guest user?

Both accounts have elevated privileges.

Yes, there’s enough space on my Mac. Restarting didn’t help either.