Slow internet browsing with Safari

About a month ago, I received my Mac Studio and got it all setup and running. It’s pretty damned amazing, I must admit. However, I’ve noticed that Safari often has browsing issues. For instance, I can enter a URL, and Safari just sittings there for several seconds or even minutes until I intervene. While waiting for the URL to load, I can switch to Firefox enter the same URL, and it loads instantly! Like so fast, I’ve barely taken my finger off the return button. I have AT&T Fiber, and get up/down speeds of over 1GB when I run any testing tool, so it’s not my network. DNS is pointed at my router, which is pointed at CloudFlare (

Safari does this slow loading business about 20% of the time, and it doesn’t matter what the URL is. It could be Facebook, The NY Times, Amazon, or California’s DMV. I run an app called Cookie, that clears my cookies and cache, on Login, browser quit, and app quit, so the cache isn’t the issue.

Any thoughts or suggestions?

I can’t help you, I’m having the same problem. I’ve been using Microsoft Edge for everything except online purchases recently (I prefer to use Apple Pay on Safari). Both Edge and Google Chrome are much faster than Safari.

I wonder if the problem might be some of Apple’s privacy & security tweaks.

This just started happening for me as well—perhaps coinciding with 12.4.

Very annoying. Seems most prevalent on web-app like sites (Clio, Office, QuickBooks Online); but present everywhere.

@WayneG and @ciaran, when I posed the same question on another site, someone suggested that it might be Apple’s Private Relay. Do you have that enabled? I do, and just disabled it, to see if it makes any difference.

I don’t have Private Relay enabled. But I tried disabling “Hide IP Address from trackers” in the Safari Privacy settings and things went back to being instant.

Maybe that’s coincidence; or maybe Apple added a very common IP tracker to their naughty list; or maybe all those websites use some code that newly incorporates a naughty IP tracker.

I’ll keep an eye on it. I’d be interested to know if unchecking that setting fixes things for @WayneG.

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No, I haven’t been running private relay or hide ip. Safari on iPad is becoming a problem too. Yesterday I couldn’t complete an order on I had to use Chrome.

Ah, very interesting! I’ve had issues with Safari on my iPhone and iPad too, as well as my MacBook Pro, but not to the same degree that I do with my Mac Studio. I hate using anything Google related, and avoid Chrome like … the Coronavirus! :rofl:

I have been running Firefox on iPad for a month or so, due to similar issues. I can click something and Safari just seems to freeze up and do nothing. Then out of nowhere, everything is back to normal again. Happens way too often.

Switched back to Safari just two days ago, and the issue is still there. Quite annoying indeed. Will double-check any “private relay” settings or similar. Getting my Mac Studio in order, and it defaulted to enabling this feature, clearly marked “beta” (or similar wording).

A lot of people do. I’ve gone all in on Google Workspace. At my age I don’t have years to wait for Apple to get its software and services up to the level of its hardware.

There’s nothing Google can learn about me that hasn’t been already been leaked or isn’t for sale legally. And the software/services of theirs that I use “just works”.

I have just turned off “hide IP from trackers” on iPhone. Everything seems very fast now, but given the problem was intermittent it is too early to tell. I will also report back!

It could be a combination of Apple’s back end server that masks the IP address being slow at times, and badly coded websites that “hang” if the trackers are waiting to load (rather than being blocked outright.) I love the feel of Safari but it is a pain.

Anecdotally, I haven’t upgraded yet, but Private Relay has been very intermittent for me in terms of speed. It gets faster if I turn on “Trackers only” in Safari’s settings, but it still feels a few hundred ms slower than when Private Relay is turned off.

This thread’s interesting. My iPad (iOS 15.4.1.) has been dragging its heels in Safari for the last couple of days. I even cleared my tabs (sad times) and turned off and on again, but it didn’t help. I do have the private relay running, but I have done since it was available and it’s not been a problem before now. Also my phone seems fine (although I do use Safari less on there).

I’ve seen intermittent problems with Safari refusing to load sites on my Mac. It’s rare enough that I can tolerate it, but recently I’ve had more problems with Squarespace refusing to load the contents of the site in their web app. I get the Squarespace tool bar, but not the content to edit. It’s very strange, since this only happens after I’ve been using it a while, and nothing will bring it back.

I really don’t know who to blame, Apple or Squarespace, so I haven’t reported it anywhere yet. I will definitely try turning off some of the new privacy features to see if that fixes it, so thanks for that idea!

I had a couple of very slow loads on my iPhone this morning… so maybe it’s not a fix. Will continue to monitor.

I have all but given up using Safari for web browsing it is so slow. I will also look at the privacy features, but very disappointing

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I’m using almost exclusively Safari, have the Privat Relay activated, and don’t observe any significant delay in loading a webpage, that I can blame Apple for.

I had another (repeatedly) stalled page in Safari on my phone. I remembered I have a content blocker enabled. I turned it off and the page loaded immediately.

I’ll see how it goes now.

I’ve had the same issue with a particular Discourse channel that I occasionally visit (ahem)… however, I have an Adguard DNS filter on my router, Adguard for Mac running, and whatever bells and whistles Safari has by way of privacy… that said I have just figured out that if I whitelist the hell out of this site, it loads rather well… I don’t recommend doing that for every site, but the ones you know, trust and love…******

I’ve switched to Chrome. I’m now having many of the pages on my iPhone loading slowly on Safari. Switch to Chrome and it’s like using a different Internet.

I like Safari and its focus on privacy… but it’s currently too annoying to use. Hopefully the cause will be found and readily fixable.

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I run Google Workspace in Chrome and use Microsoft Edge for browsing. I prefer Safari but it’s failing on too many sites.

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