Slow internet on 2018 MacBook Pro compared to iPhone

I recently purchased the 2018 MBP. I’ve noticed on a few occasions that the computer doesn’t have a connection (or has a very slow connection) to the internet, even though it’s connected to the network.

When I’ve noticed this happen, I run a quick speed test on my iPhone which gets great speeds, meanwhile, the Mac can’t get any kind of connection.

At first, I thought this was due to a wifi dead spot in my home office and so I was about to buy a wifi extender. However, with my last Mac, this was never an issue and the wifi in my office was always fine. Now I’m noticing it happen at the coworking space where I work as well (which has great internet).

Has anyone else experienced something similar? Are there any network settings I should adjust?

I ran into something like this on Sierra and a 2017 MBP. All other devices worked well. In my case, the WiFi connection would be dropped entirely and, even though I could “see” the network SSID, it jst wouldn’t connect. Sometimes rebooting the router, modem, and computer would fix it temporarily. Sometimes for weeks, sometimes for minutes. Sometimes not at all.

I spent some time on the phone with Apple Support and they couldn’t figure it out and said I should bring it to the Genius Bar or send it in for evaluation.

The problem disappeared when I upgraded to High Sierra.

During my rooting about on the Googles, I did find some mention of this being an issue with some Netgear devices, but I am not sure this is true. I do have Netgear gear at both homes, and this problem was restricted to one home and not the other, for what it’s worth.

Thanks for the insight. I do seem to get more reliable internet in some spots. So I might try an extender.