Small Office chair - UK

I’m struggling to find what I need, and I suspect it doesn’t exist, but I thought I’d turn to the MPU community in case they’ve seen something.

I have a desk in the bedroom with a minimal amount of space (probably about 5 foot by 3 foot) between the desk and the wardrobe. Up to now I’ve used an Ikea folding chair at this desk, but I’ve only used it for an hour at a time and it’s not been comfortable.

If I’m working at home for a day, I work at the kitchen table with a kitchen chair, which is better than the folding chair, but still not comfortable For a full work day.

With the reality that I’m going to spending a significant amount of time working from home for the next 3 months, does anyone have recommendations for chairs I can sit on all day, but which are either compact, or can be collapsed to take as little room as possible.

Thanks in advance if you have recommendations.

I can’t suggest a particular chair but my girlfriend & I have just bought office chairs from a second hand office furniture store. One of the advantages of it being 2nd hand (aside from the price) was that all the stock was there, you could see it, sit on it & try it out. This proved useful particularly for my other half as she found my favourite chair quite uncomfortable but was able to find & test out another that suited her.
Perhaps if you have any places like that around you, you might be able to find something suitable.
Good Luck! :slight_smile:

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Even with limited space, I would still recommend an Aeron.

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Thanks @JohnAtl an Aeron would be in the way all of the time. I love them and have used them at a previous job, their comfort is unsurpassed, but I can’t fit one in.


Well, funnily enough, the 2nd hand chair I bought was also an Aeron! My budget would only stretch to a ancient style one but I’m really pleased with it. Had it just over 24 hours now and love it already.

@geoffaire, clearly the chairs not the problem, it is the workspace. The solution’s obvious, you have to get the Aeron and change your work space to fit it! haha. :laughing: :wink:

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Lol, if only. I’d love a nice large desk with space to spread out and a separate thinking space, but I don’t think my grown up girls would share the box room. :wink:

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Thanks for suggestions. After considering a yoga ball which I could deflate and move, I ended up buying a wheeled stool

Deuba Swivel Stool Adjustable Work Chair Hydraulic Tattoo Spa Massage Seat PU Leather Thick Padding Black

It will take up less space than a chair, will carry my weight and should encourage me to sit up straight rather than slouching. I’ll let you know how it goes in a month or so.

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