Small Office Redo

Beautiful set-up. Beautiful guitars. :grinning:

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My coffee cup stayed on the floor when I was working in the server room.

The monitor and keyboard are the only things directly on the wood surface. The monitor stand protects the monitor, and the keyboard is protected unless I trip and spill coffee on it, in which case the problem is me.

Everything else is raised. It’s more protected from the coffee than I am.

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It looks good, you’ve done a great job. I love your shelving! My office is also grey though I went a slightly lighter shade than you. I’m now envious of your darker colour.

Your comment

This comment amused me. I also have a room where I made an electrician install double the number of spotlights they wanted to do, but I was right and they were wrong :joy: Very few shadows! I didn’t do this for my office, but that’s because I put Nanoleaf lighting up on the wall behind my desk, quite a lot of it. I don’t use the “room lights” at all in the office, just the Nanoleaf lighting (and not on full because it’s very bright!). As a bonus it also means I have good lighting for video calls.

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This sounds like really cool lighting! I’d love to see a photo, if you have one.

Sure, here you go. I have wall lighting, and also a strip around the edge of the desk. This is a preset I have that is my default work one, it’s set at 60% brightness (I never use 100%, it’s far too bright). The shape doesn’t mean anything, I just laid it out how I liked.

There is a glass door to the left - you can see a faint bit of light on the desk coming from it - but it’s north facing and as we currently have a storm it’s not enough light to work by.


This is super rad; I dig it!

Thanks for posting! I always enjoy seeing other folks’ setups! Nice office space.

A query, thought, for you (or anyone else who wants to weigh in …): why have a Synology that you do your backups to, and then a Mini that the Synology is copied to so that the data can then go to BackBlaze? Why not just backup everything to the Mini in the first place?

Now, full disclosure, I am presently doing exactly the same thing. I get, of course, the use of the Mini in that it is the interface to BackBlaze, but I’ve been wrestling with finding a good rationale for keeping the Synology in the loop.

One rationale might be that this approach creates two in-house backups in addition to the cloud backup, but wouldn’t haven’t two external drives on the Mini, one to store the backups and the other a daily clone of the backup drive, do pretty much the same thing? (I suppose if the Mini got hit by ransomware you would lost both data sets, while a separate Synology might be safe, and if you used Carbon Copy Cloner to clone to the Mini and preserved changed files, then if the Synology where hit by ransomware and that got copied to the Mini you could pull the old versions, or vice versa, but still….)

Anyway, I would be interested in your or others’ thoughts.

And yes, other stuff does run on my Synology (Plex, Home Assistant, SynologyDrive) but those could all be replicated with just the Mini (except for SynologyDrive, but SyncThing or ResilioSync would serve as substitutes….)

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It’s a good question, and I have a very simple answer: I tried that and found it to be extremely flakey. Time Machine to the Mac Mini worked less than 50% of the time, and macOS is eager to disconnect from a remote Mac. In addition, unless you build your own RAID, you don’t get any of the monitoring services you do with Synology.

So far, this setup has been great for me. All the Macs in our house seem happy with the Synology and never lose connection to it, which is more than I can say for their connection to the Mac mini.

Basically, it costs more, but it’s set it and forget it for me. You could do it with the Mac mini, but I think it’d be torturous.

Edit: also, as you noted, the other reason to do it is for multiple backups. Synology also makes it easy to back up archival space, but not Time Machine drives, which is what I want. And if I hung all the drives I’d need off a Mac Mini, I’d be better off making a raid anyway.

Those are some nice axes. A man could really get some thinking done in there.

Image of A man could really get some thinking done.

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Thanks! Love the gif.

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The walls look pretty sterile. Ever consider some crown moulding and artwork? It will give the room a finished look.

I despise — despise — crown moulding. The desk being a sit/stand desk, I don’t want to put anything on the walls above it that it might ding on the way up or down. And the only other wall without anything on it has a window. The other two walls are covered in guitars and bookshelves. I’m sorry you think it’s sterile.

It might be worth noting that the walls are more cool blue, middle grey in real life than they are in these photos. The iPhone made each photo too warm and I was too lazy to correct the white balance.

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