Small starting exercise tip

Hello my Apple friends,

So here’s a little tip to share, in case anyone finds it useful.

Minor back history: Since Covid, my fitness has tanked. Working from home, I rarely got out, and it’s no good, so my cardiologist told me to walk. I remembered I used to have a set walk and pace for the way home from the office, so I thought I’d follow that again. I didn’t want to use my Beats cans because they’re comparatively huge, so I picked up some AirPods Pro today and took them for a spin (hella nice, by the way–better noise cancelling than I was expecting).

The way I set a pace was to create a playlist based on beats per minute. It’s really helpful to keep the pace steady and at a level that for me, is walkable and still a decent bit of exercise. I found 112 bpm to work well, so I pulled up the old playlist and went for one of the best walks I’ve had in ages.

If anyone wants to replicate, you can go to a site like GetSongBPM and pick a BPM to match the level of exercise you want to get, and then put together a playlist and head out. Highly recommended after the long winter we came through.

Anyway, thought I’d point out that little exercise hack for anyone getting back on the exercise wagon.

If you want a pre-made 112bpm playlist, here’s mine. I know, my taste can be odd. It’ll get you nearly 3km (1.8mi) in a half hour though. :wink:

Walking Playlist


I have found that music coaxes a better running performance out of me than podcasts. However, I still use podcasts almost exclusively.

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I hear you. I did as well. It seems like I gave up music for podcasts because I wanted to keep in the know, but sometimes I just need to unplug from all of that. Initially, I wanted to go entirely quiet for my walks–listen to the birds, etc. It’s nice to do that for sure, but the benefit of music is keeping pace, so I’m trying it this way for a bit. I found it way more enjoyable to listen to tunes than my usual roster of Apple echo chamber talking heads. Could change, but for now… :slight_smile:

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I took a quick look at the playlist and I love it!

I listen to podcasts when I walk (but I walk ~2 hours a day on a treadmill desk, I’m not normal)… But I can definitely see how something like that would help!

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Enjoy the playlist, if you choose to. :slight_smile: The thing I find interesting about selecting songs by BPM is that they can be almost anything. Something that’s objectively ‘slow’ or ‘easy listening’ can as easily be something up beat or hard rock. It’s a very interesting way to toss together a mix.