Smaller Apple Silicon MacBook Air

I am loving my M1 MacBook Air. The speed, the battery, the display are all great……

But every time I hand my wife her MacBook 12 inch (aka the MacBook Adorable), I find myself wishing their was a smaller version of the Air (perhaps with built in cellular). Anyone else wishing for this?

Also, just typing MacBook Adorable makes Katie Floyd’s voice ring in my head. If you are lurking (or someone reads this who regularly talks to you in real life), I miss your voice and insight, but I respect your decision to move on and I hope the next chapter in your legal career is bringing you joy.


I find myself wishing that as well. Not necessarily smaller, but a lighter M1 Macbook with a cellular connection would be a perfect computer for my needs.

And while we’re dreaming, a cheaper Apple Monitor would be nice too.

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I have a different thing going. Every time I stack my Air with my wife’s big iPad, I marvel at how small and light my machine is!
And with similar battery life now, too.

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IF Apple announces significant upgrades to iPadOS you may want to consider the 2021 iPad 12.9 Pro or 11".

Buy your wife an Intel 15" MacBook Pro. Then you’ll feel better when you pick up your light M1 MacBook Air with the forever battery.

If it’s a 2008 MBP, all the better 'cause relatively speaking, they weighed a ton!


Would you be interested if it came in multiple colors? Just curious…

I used a 12" MacBook for about 3 years and loved it. My current MacBook Air is always plugged into a 27" monitor at home anyway, so the only time I’d be using it on its own is the couch or when I leave the house, so a smaller version would be great.

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I have to believe that’s the next gen air. But it’ll be at least one year away.

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are you feeling the lure of the new macbook pro? I can’t remember, but weren’t you a long time macbook pro user? I am using the Air for the first time in my life, and I have to admit that with the M1, I am a bit ambivalent on whether or not to upgrade to the m2 macbook pro. the Air has suprassed my expectations.

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Agreed. I have a large number of machines between work and personal - 16" MBPro, 13" M1 Air, 13" MBPro 2016, 13" MBPro 2020, and a 2015 MacBook 12". (And an 11" and 12.9" iPad Pro, and an iPad mini)… And I’m still finding myself using the 12" 2015 machine occasionally, just because it’s SO LIGHT and small, I can toss it into a bag and not recognize the weight.

I would love to upgrade from the 2015 to a 2021 12" MacBook… But I’d have to convince my boss to pay for it! :slight_smile:

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I am completely satisfied with my M1 MacBook Air.

I had a 16" MacBook Pro only because my Intel MacBook Air had the fans constantly running when using Zoom, and I was using Zoom a lot.

The 16" MacBook Pro was a fairly high-spec model (16GB RAM, 1TB Storage, 2.3GHz Intel Core i9) but the M1 MacBook Air is better, smaller, and faster. And quiet.

I would love four USB-C/Thunderbolt/USB4 ports, but other than that, and more SSD storage (2TB would be nice, 4TB would be ideal), I can’t think of anything else I’d want. But unless I win the lottery, I expect to keep this one for as long as possible.

( Having a kid about to start college means that even if I win the lottery I might not be able to upgrade my Mac! :smiley: )

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It would have to see the colors. I’ve never had a laptop in a color other than white, silver, dark grey, or Thinkpad black.

Actually, I’m not in the market at the moment anyway as with the pandemic we have bought three Macs in 12 months (with the pandemic we has to buy the kids computers last year also).

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What if it came in the same colors as the new 2021 iMac?

I used to really love my 11" MacBook Air. It was big enough (just!) to do real work on, but it was feather light, and seemed more portable than an iPad. Just the thing for travelling. Sadly it met its demise after an unfortunate accident with a cup of tea, and the only replacement available was larger 14" Air, or the 12" MacBook (“Adorable” - though it wasn’t, at all!) I bought an M1 MacBook Air when it came out because the Adorable is so horrid, and love it for its larger screen - my eyes are not as good as they used to be! - but I do think its size and weight are going to make it much less convenient when travelling. An M1 MacBook Air in that original 11" form factor would be just awesome - but I think I’d now miss the larger screen …

One thing that I think Apple have forgotten, and that I noticed even with the Adorable, was that while the 11" Air could be opened and used on any airline or train tray-table, anything bigger is often too big to open properly and fit on the table!

What was not adorable about the 12" Macbook? I never owned one but like the concept of a small, lightweight computer that is easy to carry around everywhere. Ipads are great too, of course.

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I’m on a MacBook 11 right now, I bought it 1 month before it phased out listening to the rumours early 2015. It’s the best Mac I ever owned.
I have a fantastic iPad Air 2020, light, fast but it’s not macOS.
I learning to use the iPad more and more for work, with a Logitech crayon.
I’m waiting for Apple to upgrade iPad OS or to make a colored macbook adorable.

I sold my Macbook “Adorable” to help pay for the M1 MacBook Air. I do miss the lightweight and small form factor. The battery life was only 1/2 (if that) of the M1 and I needed battery more than weight . . .

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My last computer was a MacBook Air 11 inch from late 2013 which I loved. I then waited for a gen 2 MacBook with better performance and the keyboard fixed. Which turned into a waiting for Godot exercise unit I bought the M1.

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My 2016 MB Adorable is still running strong as my daily driver. To this day I get wows when I let someone hold it. So so so hoping the design will come back with M series internals.

It was too big (compared to the 11" MacBook Air), slow, the keyboard (scissor type) was horrible to type on, having only a single connection for everything - power, USB, external screen, wired network) was seriously inconvenient, and it didn’t have any form of Thunderbolt, which meant it couldn’t drive a couple of things I have here. Given its price - about what I just paid for my M1 MacBook Air! - I felt seriously shortchanged by Apple on that machine, for the first time ever. The final insult was that within 3 years, the surface of the caps on the ‘A’, ‘O’ and ‘L’ keys wore away so as to make the legend indecipherable, and Apple refused to replace the keyboard (can’t replace individual key caps, apparently!) on the grounds that the problem was “only cosmetic”.

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