Smart Electrical Outlet Monitor?

Hey MPU,

I am not sure if this is possible, but if anyone has experience I would love to hear it. I have an GFCI outlet in my bathroom. It stopped working, tried to reset it, didn’t think anything of it. Called my electrician and have him coming out later this week to see why it’s not working.

Fast-forward several hours later today, and my fridge in the garage stopped working. I check the circuit breaker all is fine. I then check the outlet, also GFCI and that was tripped. As soon as I reset that outlet, I went back upstairs on a hunch, and the bathroom outlet reset and worked.

So…what ‘smart app workflow’ exists that can tell me the outlet has been tripped?? Or is there a better way?

It’s my theory / assumption that it’s chained. I recall when the electrician went to the 2nd floor bathroom, there was an existing outlet, but I needed it on the opposite wall. The initial outlet that existed was not GFCI. Then when today’s episode happened and I tried to figure what happened to the outlet in the bathroom, I went downstairs to the garage to get some tools. While I was there, I wasn’t greeted with the typical ‘fridge hum’ that I am accustomed. Moved the fridge, realized that GFCI outlet was also tripped.

Are they daisy between floors? No idea, but you are right the electrician I assume should know. But another concern are there any other outlets I am unaware of that are tripped (hence the smart workflow that I am trying to figure out).

If I put an Eve smart plug (costly) into an outlet, if there’s no device plugged into it, would still be able to tell if the outlet is tripped?

If your GCFI outlets are tripping often enough that this is a problem, you should probably call an electrician to come have a look. Automation is not always the answer.