Smart Light Switches Switches

Can anyone recommend some smart light switches? The reviews appear to mixed online and ideally I would just like to replace our current light switches… I have had enough of my wife or 3 year old turning off a light that is actually a smart bulb. I am in the UK if that changes things!

I remember @RosemaryOrchard talking about some recently but for the life of me I cannot remember where, when or why…

Here’s a cheaper solution.
I assume something similar is available in the UK.

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HA! Very good… might be a good stop gap…

I used the Hue dimmer switches and installed these. It fits the Hue switch on top of the room switch so it can’t be turned off. However, it’s easy to remove if you need to access the switch underneath.

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Thank you. That is an awesome idea!

No kidding here. I am using this in areas that family members cannot break the habit. They totally get the job done. there is a cutout on one side so you can stick your finger in an flip the switch without removing the cover if needed but you have to make a concerted effort to do that. I no longer have the accidental switch off problem.

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I use the Lutron Caseta Smart Switches and Smart Dimmer Switches. Working great for 2 years now.

I’d like to have had those on our last house. Due to previous owner’s amateur wiring, there were a few rooms which needed the light switch left on because all the room’s outlets were on it!! I used scotch tape on the switches. So fun!

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I have been using Wemo switches successfully.