Smart Playlists On HomePod?

You can’t access Smart Playlists on HomePod…

Therefore if I want to combine the convenience of ‘Hey Siri’ whenever I play some music there is nothing I can do (other than manual intervention) to ‘refresh’ my own (manually built) playlists and avoid playing the songs I have listened to recently (last day/week/month)

Before HomePod I would just Airplay my smart playlists to my wi-fi speakers, and those playlists would be created to exclude songs I have listened to in the last day, week, etc.

Am I missing any clever ‘Power User’ techniques for getting round this problem?

For accessing Smart Playlists how about simply forgoing Siri and playing the playlist from your your Mac or iOS device?

Has this changed since February when this article was published?

My post was asking how I still use Siri and Smart Playlists together though!

No mention of smart playlists…

Can’t be done now, sorry. The ‘power user’ option is currently with an app.

This could change of course, as Apple is continuing to test and add features in beta like multiple timers and phone calls.