Smart Plugs for Equipment

Can anyone make a recommendation for smart plugs? I’ve found that because I have such old hardware, smart TV, printer, they occasionally need to be restarted. Because I can’t always reach the plugins, it would be nice to reset hardware with an app, maybe Keyboard Maestro or Automator.

I have both Koogeek and Wemo. They have been in nearly daily use for a couple of years, and both work well. I prefer the Wemo because it allows better access to the other receptacle.



I’ve got several iHome plugs that I’ve been happy with. Work nicely with HomeKit.

I have Wemo and TP-Link. Wemo has been easier to manage. My only complaint was the Wemo bulk. That’s been addressed with the new upcoming model. image

Will it work for something like restarting a printer?

Does the printer properly restart by cycling power? Then yes…

I’ve discovered that I’m still having the same problem with my printer. even though I have it plugged into an iHome Smart Plug. When the printer stays idle for an extended period of time I need to restart by cycling power which is why I bought the smart plug. But all it does is knock the smart plug offline.

Anyone have any suggestions?