SmartPlugs - Aqara, Meross, or stick with Lutron?

I am trying to decide which smart plugs to buy.

I currently have a small number of Lutron switches, which I am very happy with for light control. I do plan to continue with Lutron for my in-wall light switches, since I already have a few.

However, I also need some smart plugs. The offering from Lutron is not all that compelling, so I am looking to see what else I might consider.

I read a blog posting about Meross. They are inexpensive but not trouble-free to configure with HomeKit.

If I recall correctly, Aqara was recently mentioned on the MPU podcast. They have a reasonable enough range of products to consider investing in that brand as well, but there is a cost for entry as I will have to add yet another hub to my system (although the M1s hub with its built in light and speaker is not a bad idea. With this system I can add water detectors which is not a bad thing either.


I have had three Eve switches for a number of years. One is set to control an outdoor fountain. I have two others I use seasonally for Christmas. They are very reliable.

The newest stuff is in big on Thread which I believe will be quite important for the future of home automation.
I also have a wall Mount switch for controlling a set of ceiling fans in the living room. It runs as a timer setup. On during the day and off at night. All good and Eve products

I have three Meross plugs. Two indoor and one dual outdoor plug.

I had no issues with configuring them in HomeKit. Scan the QR code and they appear in HomeKit. It was that simple. They have been working fine for several months.

The only issue was that the outdoor plug lost its connection to HomeKit, it was still showing in the Meross app. I unplugged it from the outdoor outlet, counted to thirty, and plugged it back in. And there it was in HomeKit. That happened once.

I am happy with my choice. Good luck whatever you decide.


I have Koogeek and Wemo, both of which work well.

I also have a couple Meross smart plugs. Works really well in HomeKit. I had to install the Meross app to install firmware upgrades. That wasn’t ideal but that’s the only negative thing I have to say about these. This means, it’s pretty good and affordable.

Thanks everyone! This is really helpful.

I have several indoor/outdoor Meross plugs and they work perfectly. I also have Aqara E1 hub connected to water leak sensors under every sink and both hot water heaters.

Aqara announced that they are moving to “thread” which will remove the need for a hub.

Overall, I have both to be very stable and good adds to HomeKit.