SMB Server Path on Synology

How come I cannot send people on my network to SMB server paths without it creating entirely new drives of subfolders. On my Synology, I have a drive labeled “Video”, within that drive there are several different subfolders. If I send the other member of my network a path like smb://HAL9000/Video/GoPro%20-%20IMPORT , instead of taking them to the “GoPro - IMPORT” subfolder, it will create an entirely new drive on their desktop labeled “GoPro - IMPORT”. Why does it do this instead of just going to the subfolder location? They already have the “Video” drive mounted, so shouldn’t it just take them to the GoPro - IMPORT subfolder instead of creating a new drive?

Hey Dan, you need to use /Volumes/HAL9000/Video/GoPro - IMPORT.
Notice that on your mac, you don’t need the %20 for spaces like a web server. This works with afp and smb mounted shares.


This is due to the lineage of macOS.

While it’s a subdirectory to you, it’s
a different “mount point” to the OS.

Each resource is unique.