SMB servers on iPad OS

Are Synology and other “NAS” setups that I could set-up at my house examples of a “SMB server”?

I read that iPad OS will allow you access to a SMB server via the Files app, but I don’t know what a SMB server is.

Yes, Synology can have SMB enabled. Windows computers also support SMB, as do Linux computers with samba (or something else) installed.
It’s a very common protocol.
Apple’s own protocol that you might see mentioned is AFP. Apple Filing Protocol. Synology supports AFP also.

FYI, for iOS can access SMB servers today.
And it shows in the for a seamless/pragmatic experience through usual mechanism.

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As @JohnAtl says. However AFP has been
deprecated so SMB is now the “preferred’ protocol.

(Also Synology supports multiple versions of SMB,
which can be handy depending on your app…)


Readdle Documents is another option that connects to SMB and Cloud services. Great app, not sure if it is still free though.