Snoozing emails in native Mac app


First post. I have a question about handling email, you all seem like a smart bunch. I’m hoping you can come up with a workflow for this.

I move from Mac, iPhone, iPad, so it needs to work on MacOS, iOS, and iPadOS. I typically use my mail inbox as somewhat of a todo list. I keep a separate list of ideas or tasks in Drafts and archive them when done. That allows me to keep something as simple as check bank balance, or some other more complicated project that I can just add to the single Draft as I develop it.

I try to keep my inbox clean. If something is in there that means I have to reply to it yet or something else needs to be done before I delete it or archive it. I currently use Spark to snooze the emails on a Google Workspace account. I will typical snooze emails like tickets, hotel reservations I’ve made in the future and they pop back in my inbox the day before I need them. Currently I have concert tickets, plane reservation, hotel reservation, a note from my financial advisor about cancelling some insurance policies in January.

Hopefully you get the idea. I’d love to use the built in Mail app on the above OS’s as integrates with other base apps, Notes, calendar, etc.


This seems like a good use of Sanebox, where you can set up all sorts of delayed folders. And they work with any IMAP client.

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I take a different approach. Anything scheduled gets put into the calendar which is shared with my wife so we don’t schedule on top of each other. Following the lead in McSparky’s Paperless book, any email to be filed goes into the Action mailbox. Single items like a e-ticket for an event goes into a Later mailbox. If there’s going to be many emails for an event I create a separate mailbox for that. As example I’m planning a RV trip to Alaska next summer and all the reservation emails go into an Alaska 2022 mailbox.