So... anyone want to buy a 2020 Mac Mini?

Not asking for any reason in particular… :sweat_smile:


Yep, absolutely interested! Time to replace my 2011 one

I am on that like white on rice…

I just went through the configurator tool for all the new stuff, and I’m surprised that they all seem to cap out at 16 GB of memory. Unless I’m missing something … ?

It’ll also be interesting to see whether that’s upgradeable down the road.

They all cap at 16 Gb. I guess it’s an unspoken M1 limitation.

To be clear, I am talking about my six month old Mac Mini. No idea what y’all are referring to. Should I check the news?


I bought a 2020 intel mac mini last week. I am not touching apple silicon for at least 3 years… I remember the last time I had the best computer in the world with very little software available for it (the amiga). Rosetta looks ok but with no bootcamp, I may never change over… I don’t like to limit myself to one OS.


Well it’s SOC, so the DRAM is baked in.
Perhaps the M2 will have 32 or 64 :slight_smile:

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If these follow the same pattern as the iPhone and iPad chips, the RAM is not included in the SOC. According to the iFixit teardowns, in the iPad the RAM is a separate component, in the iPhone the RAM and SOC are Package on Package (sandwiched together on the motherboard, but still two separate pieces of silicon). I suspect the 16GB max is a limitation of the memory controller on the SOC.


Ahh, well that’s encouraging, thanks.

I’m looking to get rid of a souped up 2018 version myself :wink:

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I’m actually thinking about getting an Intel-based Mac Mini…

More likely a function of total die size and heat dissipation. (An extra line on an address controller is pretty easy/low cost)

I remember the Amiga. I never had one, but I knew some guys that did. They were totally awesome computers. :slight_smile:

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Intel Mac Mini (new) prices have jumped a little bit on eBay. there will be a demand for the limited supply of intels that are still unopened.

Planet Coaster, one of the most eagerly awaited games for the mac, releases in 6 days. this should be interesting.

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Interesting, thanks for this nudge. I am eager to see benchmarks—I have been considering adding an eGPU to mine, so it all comes down to native graphics performance with M1 vs. Intel Mac Mini + eGPU.

Not much reason for that.
If you’re looking for a cheap low-end configuration, quite a few might be passed on/sold from early adopters of Apple Silicon.

And there is and will still be plenty of unopened Intel Mac minis around.
Because Apple is still selling new Intel Mac minis with 6-core and 8-core i7 alongside their M1 machines.


Exactly. I didn’t want to pile on this and chalked it up to terminology.
When I said the DRAM was baked in, I meant on the processsor
module, not the Apple Silicon die.

As pictures emerge, the two chips on the right are 8GB DRAM.
Agree with @Joost that address lines are almost a gimme on SOCs.
and that it was more likely cost of 16GB DRAM than a limitation with
memory addressing.

With that said, I hope this is just the first of the Mx Mac Minis as I
have already ordered mine, even knowing that it lacks many features.

(Incidentally I have seen folks talk of Thunderbolt 4, these do not have
Thunderbolt 4, it’s Thunderbolt 3 with USB 4. I know I know)

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I’d like to rent one for a week or two to get an idea of how limited it is running Intel apps. I’ve heard that they won’t run command line Intel programs, of which I’ve got a bunch, and there doesn’t seem to be a solution for Intel architecture virtual machines. Currently my solution for those problems is a 2009 mini I run remotely! Out of fear I’ve stocked up on Intel Macs

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I was speaking specifically of the low end intel mac minis which do not exist in the Apple Store anymore. If you want a new one, they will be harder to find. This is why their prices have jumped a bit on eBay. Sure you can buy a $1500 intel mac mini, but to me, thats ridiculous. The only mini of value to me is a $700 one. If I want to spend more money, I am going for a higher quality machine all the way around. I am glad we have lots of choices now. Options will get smaller as time goes on…