So full blown Photoshop on the iPad in 2019?



So according to an article in Bloomberg, Adobe is going to release a “beefy” (maybe full app) for the iPad next year. I’m super excited about this and I’m hoping they’ll do it right.

What do you think about it? How does this impact the iPad as a computer argument?


I rather hope Adobe will re-think image editing for the iPad and leave some of those arcane workflows behind. It all evolved and made perfect sense at the time, but at some point, we need to move past concepts based on developing prints using film and chemicals in a darkroom.

That said, the iPad Pro is the best computer I ever have used - looking forward to the next refresh.


Here’s going to be the downfall of this app…a monthly subscription fee. With apps like affinity photo and their one price is going to be hard to beat.


As a current Adobe creative cloud subscriber for work, I couldn’t be more happy about this announcement! It always has driven me nuts to have software paid for by my employer on my MBP but have to purchase additional software to use my iPad. Let’s hope some of the workflows are simplified since there are menus buried inside of menus on the current Mac app


I switched to Affinity Photo not just on my iPad Pro 12.9” but also on my Macs, dumping my Adobe subscription :wink:


Count me as another happy Affinity switcher. Too little too late from Adobe. Affinity Photo and now Designer are really great.


I can’t wait for Affinity Publisher as well. Right now I have both Affinity Design/Photo and an Adobe subscription but need Affinity’s competitor to InDesign to completely drop Adobe.


Adobe can get bent. They’re doing the subscription thing all wrong, they’ll charge you to cancel and the value of the product is going down especially since Affinity came into town. Plus, I can’t forgive them for Flash and letting it be a security nightmare.


Add me to the list of happy users of Affinity Photo/Designer. I use primarily on iPad but started with them on the Mac. I don’t use Photoshop or Illustrator at all anymore. Only keeping InDesign and will happily do away with that as soon as I can. Really looking forward to Publisher.

Affinity has done a fantastic job with these apps.


I’ve been using affinity designer on my iMac and I love it. I need to switch to AP.

This is what excites me with this announcement.
Full blown productivity apps coming to the iPad blurring the line more between iPad and laptop. Getting more company’s to release FULL and not water downed apps will make the iPad as a laptop replacement for more and more people.


20+ year Photoshop user here and CS subscriber. Since I use Photoshop in my interface work (though more and more of that has migrated to Sketch), I can see the usefulness of this. There are definitely times it would be awesome to start design work off on the desktop and move to the iPad Pro or vice versa. That being said, I think for casual users, I’m guessing it probably doesn’t make much sense.


Really looking forward to it.


Ok, it’s 2019…where’s Photoshop for the iPad? :joy:


Forget that. Where’s AirPower?!