So this arrived today

A Review is coming …


Not an eMac G4. One star.


Question time! Is this a keyboard that you manually turn off and on, or does it try to detect when it’s in use and automatically reconnect on demand? If the latter, is there a noticeable delay for the reconnection? LIVES DEPEND ON THE ANSWER*

*lives may not depend on the answer


Mine arrived a week ago. Space grey for the 9.7inch iPad Pro 2017 version. - Brilliant.
A little heavy, but brilliant!

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Mine is due to arrive tomorrow!

I have the Brydge for the 12.9 iPad Pro older version. I cannot fold mine back. The only option for this is to take it out of the little rubber holders.

If this is a feature on the new version it will be cool.

No, unfortunately, it folds back so that it forms an equal plane to the iPad but no further. So, in other words, it does not fold back for using in tablet position. The website suggests a tablet/media mode but that actually requires taking the iPad out and reversing it so that the screen faces away from the keyboard.

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I just got mine! And I love it.

My first two impressions: (1) This is the best laptop I’ve ever owned, especially for focused work; and (2) Why does my right pointer finger keep moving to the little space below the space bar… oh yeah. No track pad. This is obviously not Brydge’s fault, but an iOS limitation. For the first time of owning an iPad (since iPad 1), I desperately want some pointer interaction in some apps.

And, one feature request (of sorts) How great would it be if the big-ol-battery in the keyboard could charge the iPad. With a 12-month battery for the keyboard, I’d love to tap into that if I’m ever in a low-battery situation.


Slipping it out of the ‘little gripper things’ is no big deal. Neither is putting it back in. I understand your concern but the only issue I have encountered is that it doesn’t fit if I have my Apple iPad cover on my pad. I have to take that off or on every time I want to ‘convert’ between mini laptop and tablet.

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David, that looks wonderful and can’t wait for the review. I have the new iPad Air and love it. Thought and looked very much at the 12” due to the screen size but couldn’t justify the weight. But I do hate the clicky Apple keyboard. I see Brydge has keyboards for this size but wonder about two things:

-is your keyboard like the old MacBookPro keyboards, beautiful to touch and almost silent?

-how easy to disconnect and hold just the iPad in your hands for reading? you may not do this but wonder how easy they disconnect?

Congratulations. Looks gorgious.

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Just Got an email with a shipping date. I’ve been waiting for the lighted keyboard since March! Can’t wait to hear what you think!