So what's wrong with Airmail?

Kicking around all the regular options (Outlook, Spark, Edison, etc.) Airmail looks so shiny! And they recently appear to have fixed Office 365 integration. So they are updating it at least.

But word on the street for a while has been that the QC is just not there. So - still true? Anyone using it with no problem? What are the bugs that prevent people from using it and relying on it?

Airmail Sucks. Buggy mess.

Mimestream is amazing but Gmail only and sub.

IMO Apple Mail is it.

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Airmail is stable and working, but

  • communication is not existing
  • support has some live
  • no new features since a few years
  • if you need AI, the price is quite high
  • no real sync between IOS and Mac
  • if you need “Read Receipt”, only on Mac
  • the customization options are a bit challenging

I personally decided to change Canary Mail. Canary is not on pair with the features of Airmail, but they are constantly developing, Support is good and fast.

It’s full of features, and full of annoying bugs. There are features that have never worked reliably. Support is patchy - you can get a swift response and fix sometimes, and total silence the next.

I used it for about 3 years, but eventually gave up because it was just too annoying, especially as the price started creeping up.

If it works for your purposes it’s quite good.

A recent MPU podcast had the mimestream developer. He also says that if you’re not a power user who uses mostly gmail, Apple mail is very good and free and people should use it.

Not sure I agree with that, but it is probably best of the free apps. I am not a power user, but major drawbacks for me: 1) I having to log into the web version to manage rules, which is time consuming and the interface is not great. 2) it’s buggy. For instance flags have been broken for years, I have given up that it will ever be fixed.

All in all, it works, but it could really use some love.

I switched to Fastmail, and I have been using it’s web client on Mac, and the apps on iOS. I am happy with it. (Firefox on PC, but I do not particularly like it)

What’s wrong with flags? Haven’t heard this one before.

I have nothing flagged on my Mac (correct), 4 things flagged on my iPhone (wrong), and 2 things flagged on my iPad (wrong). All on the same account. Common problem from what I have read. Sometimes they will all line up and accurately show what I have flagged for a month or so, until it breaks again.

Airmail is the best. It had issues in the past but anytime a bug pops up, an update arrives immediately. It may not do some weird niche things that 1 person out of 10k is looking for, but I triage and process emails ruthlessly and nothing comes close to the versatility of Airmail. Spark does nothing but promise features that never arrive and apple mail is a joke.

I so want to believe you. Why does the entire internet say it is buggy? On paper, if it worked as designed it pretty much does most everything you could want.

ALL software has bugs. You beta test every apple release for free because of the bugs. You should just download it and make your own decisions. I am easily the harshest critic of Airmail on MPU. You can search all of the Airmail threads. I love it now and run it on iOS, iPadOS, and macOS and it does sync nicely between them. Invest your $9.99 and try it or settle for the lesser clients like spark.

it receives updates regularly.